Photo Booth FAQs

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  • How does the Photo Booth work?

Just walk in an touch "Start."   All our Photo Booths use an easy touch screen interface.   During each session, you'll see yourself on the screen while the Photo Booth counts down for each pose.  At the end of the session, the Photo Booth plays a slide show while it prints your strips.  Our printers are fast - only 15 seconds and you'll have your print. There's more information about the photo booths here.

  • How many people fit?

As many as you can cram in.  For our Standard Photo Booth, you'll sit on a wide bench seat; people typically cram in on each side for larger groups.  For our English Phone and Police Box - Photo Booths, a few people can cram in, or for larger groups, the camera and monitor extend forward for people outside the door.  The Phone and Police Box Photo Booths are larger than a standard old phone booth.

  • What is a Police Box Photo Booth?

Doctor Who is a British science-fiction television program about time travel using a TARDIS.  It's exterior appears as a blue British police box.  This police box was a commonly used in the 1960's, when Doctor Who first aired.  Here's more on Wikipedia.

  • How does the Memory Book work?

If you add a Memory Book, we'll give your guests one 2x6" strip and add the other to your book.  Then we will offer your friends the opportunity to add cute comments next to their silly poses.  Each book is carefully assembled and presented to you at the end of your event.  Memory Books are 12x12" and only $89 extra.

  • Do I receive prints, digital files and an on-line gallery?

Yes to all, we print either two 2x6" strips or one 4x6" strip for each session (you'll choose the layout).  You'll also get those pictures uploaded as JPGs to a free on-line private gallery.  Just send the link if you'd like to share with friends.  All the on-line pictures are made free to download, plus we have posting links to the social networks.

  • Can I choose Color or Black & White prints?

Yes. it's your choice.  We can make it a specific color or add a button to let your guest choose.

  • Is there a limit to the number of photos?

Guests can take as many photos as they like.

  • Do you travel outside the Indianapolis area?

Yes, we travel all over Indiana for Photo Booth events, but we only include 50 miles round-trip for free.  If your event is outside the greater Indianapolis area, there will be an additional mileage charge.  This is calculated on Google Maps from zip code 46239.

  • Do you include props?

Yes, assorted props are included with each event.  We typically bring hats, big glasses, boas, and more.  If you'd like something specific for your event, your welcome to bring your own.

  • How is the picture quality?

As a professional photography company, we work hard to make sure your pictures are excellent.  We use HD (high definition) cameras for all events.  Any samples on the website are from actual events.

  • Is an attendant included?

Yes, a professionally trained attendant stays at all events to assure customer satisfaction.

  • Will your Photo Booth work at an outside event?

Yes, but there are some special requirements.  The Photo Booth is required to be under a water proof roof canopy or event tent.  The ground must be level, and we require one reliable 15AMP home electrical outlet.

  • Will your Photo Booth go upstairs?

Yes, but we require notice when booking to make special arrangements.  The Phone Booth or Police Box - Photo Booth require at least an eight foot (standard home) ceiling.  The Standard Photo booth fits in any venue or home.

  • What is the projector option?

We project the Photo Booth action on the ceiling, wall or on a two side screen.  This adds a whole new element of fun to your party.   The projector requires a dark event room.

  • Other questions?

Just send us an e-mail.  We're happy to answer all your questions.


Red Carpet FAQs

  • What is the Celebrity Red Carpet - Step and Repeat?

This is similar to what you see at the Emmy Awards where they walk for beautiful pictures in-front of a sponsors background.  For your event -  we supply a custom designed backdrop with your favorite graphics / logos, plus a red carpet, red velour ropes and professional photography / lighting.  As your guest arrive, they'll have the opportunity to be celebrities for the evening.  Each picture is then uploaded to our custom website for free downloads / blogging to a social network.  You can optionally allow us to upload directly to your FaceBook, etc.

  • What size is the custom backdrop?

The standard backdrop is 10 feet wide and 8 feet tall, but we offer options for much larger events.

  • What kind of equipment do you use?

We use professional 35mm SLRs and studio style lighting for exceptional results.

  • What is the bring your own camera option?

As a less expensive option, we'll custom design your large backdrop then install it with lighting, red carpet and red ropes at your event.  Then you and your guests can take pictures with smart phones and personal cameras.  The constant on lighting helps even basic cameras get excellent results.

  • How do we get the pictures?

The digital files are uploaded to our website or your FaceBook for free download, sharing, etc.  You can also order inexpensive enlargements on-line.

  • Can you print the pictures at our event?

Yes, we offer professional 4x6" prints as an option.  Ask for details.

  • How many people fit in a picture?

The standard backdrop is 10 feet wide, so as many as you want to squeeze in.

  • How does the celebrity red carpet and ropes work?

We use a red carpet in front of the backdrop for the celebrity experience.  We also hang velour red ropes, so people know this is for VIPs only!

  • Do you offer props at Red Carpet event?

Not typically.  The Red Carpet event is more about showing off your dress, tuxedo or big smile.  If you'd like props added, you're welcome to bring masquerade masks, or other cool items.

  • How is the backdrop made?

We listen to your ideas and custom design a backdrop in Photoshop.  After you approve the design, it's sent off for custom printing. 

  • Other questions?

Just send us an e-mail.  We're happy to answer all your questions.